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Lead pastor masterminds

Something new is happening!

The Network of Women Ministers has developed focused mastermind groups to facilitate relationships between female lead pastors across the country.

Each group will have a trained facilitator and up to four female lead pastors. Masterminds will meet online for 6 months, providing an environment where each participant will have an allotted amount of time to present a challenge, project, or decision and receive feedback from group members. Participants will be assigned to a mastermind group with the intention of receiving feedback from individuals who are not already in their ministry sphere. 

what's in it for you?

Participants will gain:

  • Leadership Development

  • Networking Opportunities 

  • Peer Mentoring

  • Relationships with Ministry Colleagues 


how to join

Participant Qualifications
  • Assemblies of God credentialed female minister 

  • Active role as Lead Pastor

  • Able to commit to meeting once a month, online, for 6 months – groups meet for approximately 1 hour each month. 

  • Access to computer/phone with camera and internet 

masterminds launch January 2023
spots are limited - participation is free

New to Masterminds?

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