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Photo guidelines

We would also like you to submit professional headshot-style photos. Please submit at least two, but feel free to submit a couple images for us to review and choose from. In order to keep consistency with our photos, we have a few guidelines and sample photos for you to use. Please pick one or two of these types of sample shots and recreate them in your own ministry-location. (We are looking for casual photos, not stiff business headshots.)

These sample photos were taken with smartphones, by non-professionals. Many smart phones have quality cameras for taking the kind of shots we will be using. If you, or someone you know, has an iPhone 7 Plus or newer, it offers “portrait mode” on the camera. We highly recommend this tool, but it is not required.

A few guidelines to help your image: (Don't worry, you don't need to be a professional photographer!)

  • You are the focus of the photo.

  • Take a headshot-style image, not a full-on action photo.

  • Use natural light.

  • Avoid harsh shadows or light on the face.

  • Wear bright solid colors – do not blend into your background.

  • If you are taking photos outside, do not squint.

  • Phone setting adjustments can be used to adjust colors.

  • Do not use filters.

  • An image is of you by yourself.

If you do have excellent professional images from an event you have spoken at, etc. feel free to send those along as well!


If you have any questions, please contact Christina Vincent at

Not This...Blurry, dark, out-of-focus, awkward, squinting.