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~ Special Holiday Pricing ~

Get 6-months of Elevate
for just $9.99 per month

What if it wasn’t
an event, or a
book, or a sermon
that helped you grow in leadership...
but a community?

Elevate is an interactive community of women in ministry. Affiliated with the Assemblies of God Network of Women Ministers, we exist to equip, empower, and encourage every woman to fulfill their ministerial calling. This diverse community is a place to network and develop your ministry leadership.

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Elevate your leadership. 
Elevate your ministry. 
Elevate Jesus.

By joining Elevate you’ll get access to…

(Mastermind Circles)

Interact each month with a small group of women in ministry with a special focus on peer mentoring. This is a space for you to network with leaders and share resources that will both equip and encourage you to grow your ministry leadership.  


Develop your leadership by attending a Masterclass taught by high-caliber leaders. Classes will be offered every month on topics that will empower you to lead like never before. 

(Weekly Convos)

Experience weekly interactives designed to equip and encourage while connecting you with other women in ministry in our movement. 


Receive high-impact leadership training through this 6 -week intensive cohort. Learn from skilled leaders while networking with other women in ministry like you. (additional fees apply.) 


Join the community designed to connect over 10,000 AG ministers!  You can meet up online or in person if you live close. Building a personal profile will help you network with women who serve in similar positions across the country and around the world!  

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Access all this and more at the affordable price of $19.99 a month

Invest in yourself, your church, and your ministry by joining Elevate today! 

*By joining this community you are agreeing to abide by our standards in accordance with biblical beliefs and Assemblies of God values. We ask that you please refrain from using this platform to promote personal businesses. We welcome robust conversations, however, if any content created, posted, or shared is in misalignment with community standards, we reserve the right to remove you or your post from the group.

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