NWM Podcasts

We are so excited for our new leadership Podcast/Video Podcast that launched Summer 2019!

Created with female pastors, ministry leaders, and future ministers in mind, the NWM Podcast is designed to offer tangible leadership competencies that can be applied directly at every level of ministerial leadership. Featured in three segments to capture diverse perspectives: Grow Together, Learn Together and Better Together.

Each episode: 10-15 minutes.

Grow Together

Join the real conversation as co-laborers in Christ! Let's talk about some of the ministry challenges that no one talks about in the spirit of honor, authenticity, forgiveness, and hope.

Bi-weekly with National Director, Crystal Martin

Learn Together

Leaders are learners! Let's hear from the ministry experts from various fields as we seek their wisdom to strengthen our leadership competencies.


Better Together

Have you ever felt like you are all alone in this island called ministry? Well, you are NOT alone. Let's talk about the real life & ministry from various perspectives. You will be encouraged to know that "we are in this together"!



Segments hosted by Saehee Duran, NWM Training Director


Grow Together Episode 5 - Co-Pastoring

Let's grow together while we learn about co-pastoring. Saehee H. Duran and Sylvia Avery define co-pastoring and discuss the benefits of leading together.


Learn Together - Episode 4 - Center for Holy Lands Studies Director Amy Flattery

Sometimes we have to journey through pain, but God fights for us! Exodus 14:14


Grow Together Episode 4 - Mentorship

Let's grow together while we learn to mentor and be mentored. Identify, validate, advocate.

Taylor’s open letter can be read here


Learn Together - Episode 3 - Christian Ed/Discipleship Director Elly Marroquin

Use HIS measure to impact and edify the Church!


Grow Together Episode 3 - A Teachable Spirit

Let's grow together as we talk about how to increase our leadership capacity by developing the teachable spirit. Prov 12:1


Learn Together - Episode 2 - AG General Secretary Donna Barrett

We might think things are roadblocks and diversions, but they are really part of God’s plan!

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Grow Together Episode 2 - Overcoming Stereotypes of Female Ministers

Women face many stereotypes, especially as leaders…let’s talk about that!

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Learn Together - Episode 1 - AG General Superintendent Doug Clay

Women as Leaders; Gifted Women. Daughters are equally commissioned, ordained, and gifted.

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Grow Together Episode 1 - Calling and Missional Life

Saehee and Crystal talk about their personal call and how to live on mission.

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Podcast Introduction

As we launch this new Podcast, we want to let you know what types of things we will cover in the coming months. We are so excited for you to join us in these trainings!