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Judy Rachels / Chairperson

Judy Rachels has served for more than 15 years the Southern California District as Women's Ministry director and is a graduate of Evangel University, Springfield, Missouri, and earned her master's degree in Leadership at Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, California. Rachels especially credits her mother for creating in her a passion for preaching, teaching, leading and administering. The skill set has served her well in a multitude of roles over the years, including public school teacher, women's ministries director, staff pastor, author and sought-after speaker.

“As chairperson, my hope is to continue to open opportunities for ministry for credentialed women. I look to do this by raising awareness within leadership of the viable and highly prepared staff of women in the United States and around the world, working to network them into available positions of leadership.”


Kimberly Baldwin Bui / Communications Strategist

Over the last twenty years, Kimi Bui has been changing lives on secular college campuses, poverty stricken mission fields and strategic leadership events. She is a veteran campus planter and leader among leaders within Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. As a team member she creates innovative resources, helps revitalize strategy, and maintains focus on large scale visions. Kimi lives in Los Angeles and is a missionary to UCLA, and also works in rural Haiti revitalizing communities.

The Network of Women Ministers Task Force 2016

Deanna Schrodes, Faye Niemann, Emily HIll, Rhonda McGinnis, Raegan Glugosh, Rachel Ross, Alaine Buchanan

Korista Lewis, Judy Rachels, Alison Ward, Adelita Garza, Kimi Bui